WEYTEC now collaborating with Honeywell

29 June 2023 09:25

Unterengstringen/Saraland - WEYTEC is now collaborating with Honeywell PMT in the USA. Honeywell uses the company’s technology to modernize existing control centers or when building new ones.

According to a press release on LinkedIn, the IT company WEY Technology (WEYTEC) based in Unterengstringen in the canton of Zurich is the new partner of Honeywell PMT with headquarters in Saraland, Alabama. According to a media release on its webpage, Honeywell uses the Swiss technology to modernize existing control centers.

Honeywell also uses WEYTEC’s technology when constructing new control centers, such as its most recent development, Experion Orion Console. According to Honeywell, the aim is to enable “real-time access to all important data via a robust solution that is flexible, secure, reliable, and completely independent of software versions and updates.”

In the most recent collaboration, Honeywell unites WEYTEC’s expertise in high-performance workplaces such as control rooms and trading floors with its own knowledge. According to the press release, the resulting solution, which is available immediately, provides industrial companies and operators with the option of combining several sources on one single monitor, thereby permitting seamless access for improved data control and decision making.

The collaboration with WEYTEC is said to underline Honeywell’s commitment to integrating hardware, software and applications and enables seamless operations for industrial companies. By integrating several systems on one single monitor, companies can make substantial progress on their journey to digital transformation, the press release goes on to state. The solution helps companies to increase employees’ efficiency and efficacy as well as reducing operational and infrastructure costs. ce/gba 

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