Aison awarded CE certification for ultrasound probe

22 March 2022 12:49

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Schlieren - Aison Technologies, the manufacturer of medical technology devices based in the Greater Zurich Area, has been awarded a CE certification for its aiSon FOCUS ultrasound probe. Aison has also opened a production location in Poland for commercialization activities across Europe.

Aison Technologies AG, headquartered in Schlieren in the canton of Zurich, has opened a new subsidiary in Poland, which will be responsible for manufacturing the new CE-certified ultrasound probe aiSon FOCUS in large numbers for sale across Europe. According to an article on, the Polish subsidiary is managed by co-founder Jinesh Kallunkathariyil and is said to be able to manufacture up to 7,000 units per month. Aison Technologies AG was founded in 2018 as Caressoma by Sophia Borowka and Jana Maes as a spin-off from the University of Zurich before later being renamed.

The aiSon FOCUS ultrasound probe works with gel cushions and therefore enables adaptation to the body even in hard-to-reach places. In the final stages of development, the start-up had shipped more than 500 units to users active in areas such as dermatology, anesthesiology, radiology, emergency medicine and pediatrics. With the ultrasound probe now having been awarded the CE mark, Aison enters the official commercialization phase with a certified medical device. Aison is now looking to secure a fresh capital injection to fund its next growth phase.

Sophia Borowka, CEO and co-founder of Aison Technologies, also announced the development of two additional devices: “The aiSon 3D, designed to focus on rheumatoid arthritis diagnostics, is scheduled to launch in 2023. Together with the aiSon STANDARDIZE, it aims to offer standardized ultrasound images, allowing for consistent patient follow-ups, higher-quality diagnoses and the ability to see more patients in less time”, she explains.

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