Anapaya brings Luxembourg to the SCiON network

23 November 2021 12:28

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Zurich/Bertrange - The B2B telecommunications and ICT provider Telindus is collaborating with the supplier of SCiON, Anapaya. With this, Telindus will be the first company from Luxembourg to offer the extremely secure internet standard called SCiON. Financial service providers in particular should benefit from this.

Telindus will be the first player in Luxembourg to offer its client base the SCiON (Scalability, Control and Isolation on Next-Generation Networks) internet architecture from the Zurich-based startup Anapaya. The collaboration between Telindus and Anapaya will enable financial institutes in Luxembourg and Switzerland to connect internationally via SCiON as well. The Secure Swiss Finance Network of the Swiss National Bank and the SIX Swiss Exchange has been using this technology since mid-July 2021 too.

According to a press release from Anapaya, the connectivity solution developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich combines the openness and flexibility of the internet with the security and resilience of a private network and eliminates the risks of cyber-attacks. In this way, SCiON is said to have raised the standard of the interbank network for electronic transmission in Switzerland and proven that it is superior to the internet in terms of flexibility, reliability and functionality.

CEO of Proximus Luxembourg-Telindus Gérard Hoffmann comments: “This collaboration will put Luxembourg on the global map of Anapaya’s SCiON-enabled network so that our customers can control their sensitive and confidential data communications.” Anapaya CEO Martin Bosshardt describes this collaboration with Telindus as a “great milestone”, as the company continues to expand its network capabilities outside of Switzerland and better serve its internationally active customers in the financial industry.

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