Avidii publishes solutions to exam questions

03 February 2023 13:27

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Kastanienbaum - Avidii provides solutions and explanatory videos online for all tasks and questions featured in grammar school entry exams over the past few years. Students also have the option of using the avidii app to access solutions. In this case, students are put in contact with a competent tutor within 60 seconds.

Avidii publishes a high school exam blog online, where users can access the solutions to all tasks featured in the entrance exams for short and long-term grammar schools over recent years. An explanatory video is also available for each task. With this, the Lucerne-based start-up is seeking to support students and their parents in preparing for grammar school exams, as avidii explains in a corresponding press release.

If students would prefer personal learning assistance for a specific exam task, the avidii app offers a network of more than 400 tutors to provide a helping hand. The tutors not only help with the questions from the grammar school entrance exams, but are also available to solve homework tasks and answer all other types of questions related to schoolwork. All users have to do is ask the relevant question in the app or take a picture of the task at hand.

“I’ve been working for two years now as an Instant Tutor for avidii”, comments one avidii tutor in the press release, adding that: “When students ask for help with a school task, they are connected to a tutor within the space of 60 seconds and we are able to help them immediately from this point”. hs

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