Axon tackles renovation of headquarters

18 April 2024 14:12

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Lucerne - On April 17, Axon Group celebrated the start of the expansion and renovation of its headquarters. In future, Schlössli Schönegg will trade under Schlössli Collab Luzern. This is hoped to become a place for innovators to call home.

On April 17, Axon Active Holding AG started the expansion and renovation of its headquarters at Schlössli Schönegg looking out over Lucerne. According to a corresponding article by Luzerner Zeitung on the groundbreaking, Schlössli Schönegg will trade under the name Schlössli Collab Luzern after the renovation works. A quote from Axon Co-Founder and Owner Stefan Muff states that Axon Group plans to use the location to drive forward digital transformation. For this, Schlössli Collab Luzern will provide a home for innovators.

Fabian Peter (FDP), Lucerne Director of Construction and Business, praised the recognition of Lucerne as a location shown by the internationally active group of software companies. According to the report, Axon Active will invest around 15 million Swiss francs into renovation and expansion of the headquarters. The work is expected to continue until fall 2026. Until then, the company’s 40 or so employees from Schlössli Schönegg will be accommodated at a building of the energy supplier EWL located on Sternmattstrasse in Lucerne. ce/hs

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