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Basler Personenschifffahrt clothed by Image Wear

25 May 2023 12:07

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Zurich - Image Wear has clothed the employees at Basler Personenschifffahrt with new uniforms. The shirts, trousers, nautical sweaters, and raincoats had to fit flawlessly and be suitable for use anywhere. This is not the first major order won by the company specializing in workwear.

Image Wear has successfully provided clothes for staff members at Basler Personenschifffahrt, a Basel passenger ship company, according to the Zurich-based company specializing in workwear. Joel Bachofer, CEO of Basler Personenschifffahrt AG, personally defined the specific profile of requirements for the new uniforms.

Image Wear took the measurements of all workers at the passenger ship company back in January. The uniforms that have now been delivered range from shirts and trousers to nautical knitted sweaters and hybrid raincoats. All parts had to “fit flawlessly” and be suitable for “all areas of application” as well as “in sun, wind, and rain” according to Image Wear.

This new order is not Image Wear’s first major order. It has been providing clothes for the approximately 1,500 employees of the transport company Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ) since 2018. This recently included equipping the staff of VBZ’s incident management division with new workwear.

Sustainability is an integral part of the business model for Image Wear. The company explains on its website: “We are convinced that sustainability and quality are closely linked.” Image Wear lists its corresponding memberships and certifications online as well. For instance, the company is a member of the business association for open and sustainable trade amfori, Sustainable Textiles Switzerland 2030, and the network Circular Economy Switzerland. Image Wear is also represented in the industry association Swiss Textiles. ce/hs

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