Baumer cools cameras

13 September 2021 11:51

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Frauenfeld – The sensor and camera manufacturer Baumer will in future provide an integrated cooling pipe for cameras in its CX series. This ensures high-precision imaging even in warm environments as is the case during production of electronic components.

Baumer’s CX cameras are used to inspect electronic components such as silicon wafers, among other things. According to a press release from the sensor and camera manufacturer based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea, it is important during this to rule out any thermal effects so that the cameras can conduct their high-precision measurements. For this reason, Baumer is now fitting these cameras with integrated cooling pipes.

The company will start series production in the fourth quarter. The cooling pipes will be integrated into the housing and enable the cameras to be cooled using pressurized air or liquids. Heat removal is conducted close to the sensor and lens, so the cameras can even deliver high-precision results in warm environments close to glass production ovens, for example. According to the press release, this saves users both time and money with system integration as it means that no additional cooling elements are required to operate the cameras.

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