The paper-based flowpack packaging from Chocolate Stella Bernrain can be fully recycled. Image provided by Chocolat Stella Bernrain

Chocolat Stella Bernrain launches sustainable packaging

15 January 2024 13:57

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Kreuzlingen - Chocolat Stella Bernrain is offering sustainable packaging for chocolate bars. The paper-based packaging can be fully recycled. The company, which hails from Kreuzlingen in the canton of Thurgau, is set to present its new Flowpack packaging at the ISM trade fair at the end of January.

Chocolat Stella Bernrain, a chocolate company that, among other aspects, specializes in the development of chocolates for private labels, has developed a purely paper-based packaging for its bars of chocolate that can be fully recycled, further details of which can be found in a press release issued by the Kreuzlingen-based firm. The Flowpacker developed by Chocolat Stella Bernrain can process both paper and other types of foil.

In contrast to conventional packaging made from a variety of different materials, Chocolat Stella Bernrain’s solution focuses on packaging made from a single material. Thanks to cold sealing, the chocolate bars remain securely packaged, as the company writes in the press release. The Flowpack packaging machine is able to wrap more than 600 bars of chocolate every minute.

The cartoning system for secondary packaging is set up so that horizontal or vertical presentations can be selected in the carton display during automatic packaging. In addition, various sizes and formats can be processed too. To change formats, there is a simple conversion process that does not require any tools.

Chocolat Stella Bernrain is set to present its Flowpack packaging at the ISM trade fair for sweets and snacks, which takes place January 28-31 in the German city of Cologne. Interested parties can already order samples for their own products from the company. ce/hs

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