From left to right: Filipe Silva, General Manager of Conextivity Group’s Amarante site; Jean-Michel Puiatti, Chief Operating Officer of Conextivity Group; Sabrina Brossard, President of Conextivity Group; José Luís Gaspar, President of the Municipal Chamber of Amarante. Image credit: Conextivity Group’

Conextivity Group inaugurates new factory in Portugal

11 June 2024 11:33

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Saint-Prex/Amarante - Switzerland’s Conextivity Group, which owns cable-maker Fischer Connectors and Internet of Things firm Wearin’, inaugurated its new €15 million factory in Portugal on June 5. Marking Conextivity Group’s seventieth year in business, the new facility will help the company meet the growing global demand for its solutions.

As more businesses and consumers need digital connections as well as cutting-edge devices to link workers, managers, and their technologies, Conextivity Group is betting on growth.

The company’s 4,600-square-meter facility in Amarante in northern Portugal, which officially opened in October 2023, now employs 140 workers who have produced more than 2.4 million cables and other connectors, or 70 percent of Fischer Connectors’ total volume.

Conextivity President Sabrina Brossard and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Brossard expected those numbers to increase significantly, however.

"This expansion supports our commitment to meet the growing demand for the connectivity products and solutions offered by our two businesses, Fischer Connectors and Wearin’,” they said in a joint statement released on June 6.

Filipe Silva, general manager of the Amarante facility, said he expected to hire an additional 60 people in the next ten years before eventually expanding to 400 workers. Jobs at the factory include manufacturing, research and development, management, and product assembly.

AICEP, the country’s trade and investment agency, supported Conextivity’s choice of the site over other parts of the country. Portugal 2020 partnership with the European Commission contributed €6.5 million to the project.

Choosing the inland region of Amarante "offers significant advantages in terms of recruitment," said Silva. "With our proximity to three universities, we have access to a rich talent pool to recruit the professionals we need in order to grow at the pace we want." ce/jd

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