The founding team of Conversion Pattern at an outdoor meeting. From left to right: Lourenço Maciel, Pedro Nascimento, Jonathan Aeschlimann. Image provided by Conversion Pattern

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Conversion Pattern receives funding from Y Combinator

30 August 2022 12:36

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Mountain View - Conversion Pattern has been included in the Californian funding program Y Combinator. The AdTech start-up has developed a solution that allows digital advertising to be optimized. Entrepreneurs from Switzerland and Brazil, in addition to a Google developer, are the brains behind the company.

Conversion Pattern has been included in the summer batch of the Y Combinator program, further details of which can be found in a LinkedIn post. The company will now benefit from funding in the amount of 500,000 US dollars. As part of the Californian initiative, start-ups receive financial support, professional coaching and access to an international network of investors. The current program ends in mid-September with a pitch event. Companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox and Coinbase have already emerged from the Y-Combinator program.

Conversion Pattern impressed the jury with its innovative AdTech solution. This helps companies to make their digital advertising more precise. The core of the solution is based on a website tag manager that tracks visits to websites and potential purchases across multiple devices - all the while observing data protection regulations.

“Existing advertising platforms and analytics tools often display inaccurate sales data. Above all, trackers have trouble differentiating between returning users and new users. This can lead to advertising campaigns being imprecisely evaluated”, comments CEO and co-founder Jonathan Aeschlimann, in explaining the main problem that the website tag manager seeks to solve. Thanks to campaign optimization activities, advertising costs should also be reduced.

Conversion Pattern is a spin-off of the e-commerce firm DIV Brands, which was founded four years ago by Aeschlimann and Lourenço Maciel from Brazil. They originally developed the website tag manager to improve their own advertising campaigns. In the spring, Aeschlimann and Maciel brought Brazilian tech expert Pedro Nascimento, who previously worked at Google and Twitter in London, on board. Together, the trio have jointly launched Conversion Pattern.

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