Roof in Zurich supports innovative solar power system

29 September 2021 14:43

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Zurich – The roof of the Schutz & Rettung building in the center of Zurich has been fitted with a solar solution integrated into the roof structure. It is one of the largest colored solar roofs in Europe and could be used as a model for historic buildings.

A collaboration between three organizations and companies has created a solar solution that could act as a model: An invisible solar power system has been installed on the roof of the Schutz & Rettung headquarters on Weststrasse in Zurich. This could serve as a model for historic buildings. The pilot project has arisen from a collaboration between the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM), the CSEM technology startup Solaxess, and the solar roof constructor 3S Solar Plus based in Thun in the canton of Bern.

The developers abandoned the original plans for a roof-top installation. Instead, the solar roof from Thun-based manufacturer 3S Solar Plus was combined with the colored film technology of Solaxess for the very first time. Since “Terracotta Rust” was chosen as the film color, the roof looks as if it is covered in traditional rust-brown tiles.

Even complex roof shapes can be fitted with photovoltaics without issues using this technology according to Dr. Patrick Hofer-Noser, owner and CEO of 3S Solar Plus, as quoted in a press release from CSEM. He adds: “We take measurements on site, and then the roof is totally covered in no time at all.”

According to Christophe Ballif, Director of CSEM’s PV Center, the company has been “working with Solaxess for many years to achieve unique levels of viability and reliability for color film technology.” He goes on to say: “3S Solar Plus, with its experience and unrivaled high-level manufacturing operation in Thun, was an ideal partner to manufacture the solar building components for this truly remarkable solar architecture project!”

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