Ecovolta electrifies Traxter for Stoos railways

24 March 2022 13:53

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Brunnen/Wohlenschwil - The technology company ecovolta has electrified a Traxter from the Canadian manufacturer BRP together with Friedli Fahrzeuge AG. This will now be used by Stoos railways as a general purpose vehicle in mountainous areas.

Ecovolta, a company based in the Swiss canton of Schwyz belonging to ecocoach, has electrified a snow vehicle together with Aargau-based firm Friedli Fahrzeuge AG. According to a press release, the vehicle in question is a Can-Am Traxter from the Canadian manufacturer BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products). This is the first time that this type of vehicle has been electrified. The conversion was completed at the request of Stoos Bahnen AG.

The partners fitted the vehicle with an electric motor boasting a torque of 150 Newton meters and peak performance of 38 kilowatts. This means that the Traxter can reach a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. However, its speed is halved when the caterpillar drive is in use. The e-vehicle also has a range of up to 120 kilometers due to ecovolta’s lithium ion battery.

According to the information provided, Stoos railways will use the vehicle for the emission-free transportation of materials and people. The mountain village of Stoos is located in the canton of Schwyz at an altitude of over 1,300 meters.

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