Energy start-ups join forces

17 May 2022 13:38

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Kriens/Muri - The start-ups sun2wheel and Solar Manager are collaborating in the field of electromobility and the optimization of private consumption of solar energy. Through this partnership, customers will be able to take advantage of offers from both start-ups in combination.

The two energy start-ups sun2wheel from Kriens in the canton of Lucerne and Solar Manager based in Muri in the canton of Aargau are planning to create new opportunities for electromobility and to optimize the private consumption of solar energy. To this end, the two companies are entering into a cooperation which will see sun2wheel’s expertise in the field of electromobility and Solar Manager’s strengths in optimizing the usage of solar power brought together as part of a single solution, further details of which can be found in a press release

In future, Solar Manager customers will be able to integrate the bidirectional charging station from sun2wheel into their load management system. As a result, the rechargeable batteries used in bidirectional electric cars can also be used to store electricity for the building. In return, sun2wheel customers will now have the opportunity to extend their private consumption beyond the charging stations to include building technology. “The user-friendly load management system, including the integration of all flexible home technology consumers and SmartHome components, represents a genuine innovation”, the press release states. In addition, customers are offered the option of switching to the partner company’s load management system if required.

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