Albin Kälin was awarded ten international prizes in 2022. Image provided by epeaswitzerland

Successful year offers motivation for epeaswitzerland

06 December 2022 12:41

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Bäch - For epeaswitzerland, the most successful year in the organization’s history is coming to a close. The accredited assessor for the Cradle to Cradle Certified certification based in Bäch in the canton of Schwyz has won a whole host of awards. For Albin Kälin and his team, this is an incentive to promote the circular economy even more passionately in the future.

Albin Kälin has every reason to look back on 2022 with enormous satisfaction. After all, he himself and the organization he founded in 2009, epeaswitzerland, have both been showered with an assortment of international awards. The team and Kälin have claimed ten awards to go alongside acclamation and recognition for their commitment to the circular economy.

Kälin himself was named Best CEO of the Year by the publications M&A Today, Global 100 and Lawyer International, while CEO Today Europe named him Leader of the Year in the area of manufacturing. At the CEO Awards of Business Worldwide Magazine, Kälin received two awards, as the most innovative CEO in the worldwide textiles industry and for his leadership role and contribution to sustainable production processes. Moreover, Fortunes Crown has now also recognized Kälin as one of the most inspiring CEOs of the year.

In the Fortunes Crown cover story dedicated to Kälin, his sights are already firmly set on the future. After having been regarded as something of a rebel for more than two decades and experiencing headwinds because of this, the recognition he has enjoyed in the more recent past has meant that Kälin is now benefitting from tailwinds. As such, things are “moving faster with less energy”, he explains. However, epeaswitzerland is not resting on its laurels following the success seen in recent years. Instead, its website has just been completely updated, with the focus now on the network of trust covering around 1,000 partner companies including the supply chain that has been established on the back of numerous implemented projects. In this way, the successful work of epeaswitzerland will be continued in the coming year on an even broader basis.

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