Exentis sets the course for growth

25 November 2022 13:57

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Stetten AG - The Exentis Group AG is focusing on further internationalization. The provider of a leading 3D technology platform for industrialized additive manufacturing is comprehensively realigning its marketing strategy, including its website.

Exentis Group AG’s new website is intended to support the further internationalization of the company, writes Exentis in a statement. It marks the start of a comprehensive realignment of the marketing strategy. Exentis’ 3D production systems are already in use in countries including Germany, Australia, Japan and the USA. The new strategy lays the foundations for further opening up the market in the USA, for example. According to Gereon Heinemann, CEO of Exentis Group AG, in the statement, the new website is another milestone in Exentis’ target-group-oriented communication.

Exentis offers a 3D technology platform which is the only one to facilitate large-scale industrial production, it writes. The platform is based on a particularly efficient cold printing process. The website provides basic information on Exentis’ industrialized additive manufacturing – including universal use in industrial or clean room applications, with free choice of materials and the advantage of producing ultra-fine components in quantities of millions.

Exentis reported the first half of 2022 as the most successful in the company's history, with sales of 10 million Swiss francs. The company’s model continues to offer customers the choice between in-house production under license agreements or having Exentis produce millions of applications for them as a contract manufacturer. The company’s growth course will be further accelerated through new strategic cooperations and partnerships, among others.

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