FCE Group gains sustainability partner

08 February 2022 09:55

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Root/Moscow - The Lucerne-based FCE Group has brought on board the first sustainability partner for its TransparenTerra platform: the Nash Fund. With the help of the FCE blockchain, the Russian foundation intends to expand its activities in relation to climate and environmental projects.

The FCE Group AG, headquartered at Technopark Luzern, has entered into a strategic cooperation with the Nash Fund, a foundation based in Russia. The partnership will focus on the use of the FCE blockchain on the TransparenTerra platform operated by FCE. TransparenTerra is set to become the digital platform for conscientious, environmentally minded entrepreneurs and is creating synergies between the private sector and sustainable projects with the aim of building “a resilient economy and sustainable future”, the TransparenTerra website states.

According to a company press release, the Russian foundation is the first sustainability partner for the cloud platform. FCE describes the Nash Fund as its “systemic ESG charity partner” dedicated to activities in the areas of reforestation, carbon control and offsetting, social impact and climate change mitigation.

The foundation is planning to tokenize its activities via the FCE blockchain. In so doing, the aim is to guarantee project traceability, generate support and publicity, gain ESG investors in addition to networking with partners and like-minded individuals or organizations. In addition, the Nash Fund intends to offer webinars, discussions and certificates for carbon offsetting initiatives via the platform. As part of the signed agreement, campaigns with welfare associations and non-profit organizations are also planned  

“By partnering with the Nash Fund, we can provide companies that join TransparenTerra with a ready-made solution and a paved path to visible and measurable sustainability”, comments Grigory Arzumanyan, CEO of TransparenTerra, in the press release.

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