Olivier Maeker (left) and Jan Podokschik offer companies the opportunity to deploy specialists for challenging projects on a temporary basis. Images provided by FlexAgility AG

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FlexAgility sources talent for challenging projects

02 April 2024 11:02

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Zurich - FlexAgility offers companies the opportunity to deploy specialists for challenging projects on a temporary basis. The startup specializes in compliance with complex legislation. Its focus is on sectors with a high level of regulation, such as the financial industry.

The world of work is changing rapidly. Highly specialized experts no longer want to spend their lives working for a single company. Conversely, companies need expert knowledge for special projects but don’t want to employ specialists. FlexAgility aims to bridge this gap. The startup, which was founded this spring, offers companies the experts they need for as long as their expertise is required.

The two founders, Olivier Maeker and Jan Podokschik, bring years of experience at consulting firms and banks. “We provide talent not personnel,” says Maeker. For many companies, finding the right people for special projects is a challenge. “This cost block is eliminated thanks to FlexAgility.”

Conversely, there are a lot of experts who want to contribute their knowledge to different companies, according Podokschik. He cites older experts in their pre-retirement years, mothers who want to return to work, and graduates just starting out in their careers. “We work with people who love what they do,” he says.

FlexAgility is initially focusing on legal issues and compliance with complex legislation. The startup is targeting the financial industry, as well as other sectors with a high level of regulation. “We offer talent for both listed companies and start-ups,” says Podokschik.

FlexAgility is also working with Müller Paparis. This means that the startup's customers can not only rely on the experts themselves, but also on the legal expertise of a law firm with two decades of experience. One of the partners, Rolf Müller, is a member of FlexAgility's Board of Directors. exelixis capital AG holds a stake in FlexAgility. ce/stk

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