Geistlich receives European approval for skin wounds therapy

13 May 2024 09:51

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Wolhusen - Geistlich Pharma has received European authorization for Mucograft as a dermatological therapeutic agent. The product was previously approved for treatment in the oral mucosa.

Geistlich Pharma AG, which is based in Wolhusen in the canton of Lucerne, has received authorization for its Mucograft innovation in accordance with the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR). According to a statement, the product can now be used in the face, head and neck area. The product was previously approved only for the regeneration of soft tissue defects in the oral cavity.

According to the company, Mucograft can now be used for the treatment of wounds following the treatment of skin cancer or injuries. Studies have shown that treatment with the product in the head region leads to results comparable to autologous skin transplants. The advantage is avoiding the need for an additional operation to harvest the patient’s own skin, writes the statement. 

"Patients and doctors benefit equally,” Jörg Neunzehn, Clinical Science and Education Manager at Geistlich, is quoted as saying. “The elimination of tissue removal not only increases patient comfort, but also simplifies surgical procedures and subsequent wound care.” In addition to the benefits for patients, he continues, “the new treatment method also simplifies internal practice/clinical processes, which can lead to more efficient and faster treatment”.

Geistlich Pharma is part of the Geistlich Group from Schlieren in the canton of Zurich. ce/ww

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