The new photovoltaic plant in Wattwil is expected to cover around 10 percent of Heberlein's electricity requirements at its headquarters. Image credit: Heberlein AG

Heberlein relies on renewables

16 March 2023 12:08

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Wattwil - Heberlein has put a photovoltaic plant with output of almost 150 kilowatts peak into operation at its headquarters in Wattwil. The global manufacturer of air nozzles for the textile industry will use this to cover around 10 percent of its energy needs.

Heberlein AG has installed a photovoltaic plant with output of 149.5 kilowatts peak on an area spanning around 695 square meters at its headquarters in Wattwil in the canton of St.Gallen. It is expected to generate around 144 megawatt hours of energy per year according to a press release from Heberlein. The global specialist in air nozzles to treat synthetic continuous filament yarns estimates that it could cover around 10 percent of its energy consumption in Wattwil with its own solar energy in future. This would save the company approximately 30,000 Swiss francs in energy costs each year. 

The traditional company, which was founded in 1835, is also relying on increased efficiency and sustainability in other areas. For example, the headquarters are connected to Wattwil’s district heating network. Furthermore, the use of pressurized iar has been reduced through optimization. Additional projects in building analysis are being planned. 

In addition to its headquarters in Wattwil, Heberlein has a subsidiary in Shanghai and is active in more than 68 countries across the world. It operates a textile center for customer support with filament-processing textile machines as well as a textile lab to analyze and test filament yarns. hs

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