The mobile, battery-powered service lift for structures and masts from HighStep is in use worldwide. Image credit: HighStep

HighStep delivers next generation lift to customers

16 September 2022 12:31

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Dietikon - The latest generation of the HighStep Lift from HighStep Systems AG is currently being delivered to customers such as 50Hertz, an operator of transmission networks. The innovative climbing protection system aims to increase the safety and productivity of employees.

Headquartered in Dietikon in the canton of Zurich, HighStep Systems AG has to date delivered seventeen units of its next generation service lift to customers, including the transmission network operator 50Hertz from Berlin, the Dutch technical service provider SPIE and the Swiss wind turbine specialists Agile Wind Power. According to the CEO of HighStep Systems AG, Alexander Luft, further deliveries to China, for example, are set to take place over the coming months. He emphasizes: “We are pleased that after intensive development work we have brought the first next-generation lifts to the market. This represents a fundamental further development in close cooperation with TÜV Süd in order to meet the increased requirements in terms of standards and quality”.

The HighStep Lift is the world’s first mobile, battery-powered service lift for structures and towers of all kinds. It is intended to enable efficient, safe and ergonomic ascent and descent, thereby drastically increasing the safety and productivity of employees. The capacity tops out at an altitude of 3,000 meters, with the system able to carry people or material weighing up to 150 kilograms. Among other things, the new generation of the HighStep Lift offers an even higher level of safety thanks to a separate fall protection runner and other new safety functions.

The system consists of two components: an aluminum rail as a system carrier and a choice between the HighStep Easy and the portable HighStep Lift in terms of a climbing device. As far as areas of application are concerned, there is a focus on electricity pylons, wind turbines, transmission towers and industrial plants. A total of several thousand installations are in operation worldwide - primarily in Europe and in some Asian countries too. Customers include, for example, the Swiss transmissions network operator Swissgrid, the European high-voltage grid operator TenneT and the Chinese energy company State Grid Corporation of China.

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