Innovation parks to merge

30 March 2021 10:49

Supporting partner

Dübendorf ZH/Rotkreuz ZG/Lugano - Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich is integrating the Innovation Park Central Switzerland and Innovation Park Ticino in its network. This move is aimed at strengthening synergies and promoting interdisciplinary collaborations between the regions.

The Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich is being enhanced by the addition of innovation parks located in Ticino and Central Switzerland, details of which have been disclosed in a press release. The relevant association agreements to complete this merger have now been signed, and, as a result, the Innovation Park Central Switzerland and Innovation Park Ticino will become outposts of Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich and will therefore be integrated in the national network as well.

The cooperation sounds the starting pistol for increased collaboration along the north-south axis running from Zurich through Rotkreuz in the canton of Zug all the way to Lugano in the canton of Ticino, the press release explains. For the canton of Ticino, the German-speaking region of Switzerland represents an important trading region. This is additionally underlined by the canton’s affiliation with the Greater Zurich Area.

The Ticino Innovation Park above all focuses on areas such as life sciences and pharma, drone and blockchain technology, as well as decentralized applications, while the strength of Central Switzerland Innovation Park primarily lies in the field of ‘Building Excellence’. This encompasses relevant issues such as digitalization and optimization of buildings and areas. The Zurich Innovation Park concentrates predominantly on robotics and mobility, aerospace and production technologies.

“The research focuses of the three parks all complement each other. Through the network, it will be possible to generate further synergies and strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration between the three regions”, explains Peter E. Bodmer, President of the Zurich Innovation Park Association. He also underlines that the three locations represent “an important part of the Greater Zurich Area innovation ecosystem”.

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