The Forster Group Inspiration Day met with keen interest from visitors. Image credit: Emanuel Forster, Elisheva Senn/provided by Forster Rohner AG

Forster Group Inspiration Day attracts a great crowd

14 May 2024 09:05

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St.Gallen - The companies Forster Rohner, Jakob Schlaepfer, Inter-Spitzen, FRTI and Biontec have hosted their Inspiration Day. Over 1,200 people accepted the invitation from the fashion embroidery companies.

On 4 May, the Forster Group hosted the Fashion Embroidery High-Tech Inspiration Day at its newly renovated creative house in the east of St.Gallen. According to a statement, the 1,200 free invitations were all accepted. Numerous textile and embroidery enthusiasts from all over Switzerland attended the event. Tours and presentations at the stands were well attended from 9am to 4pm. 

A high-tech drone from Biontec, which was “embroidered” from carbon fibre, attracted particular attention, according to the statement. The Inspiration Day told the story of St.Gallen lace via presentations from the companies Forster RohnerJakob SchlaepferInter-Spitzen and its business division FRTI, as well as Biontec.

“Overall, we successfully organized 78 guided tours and presentations last Saturday. This was an outstanding achievement by our employees,” Emanuel Forster, CEO of Forster Rohner AG, is quoted as saying. Elisheva Senn, Creative Director of Forster Willi and Forster Rohner Lingerie, emphasizes: “The recognition and appreciation we received on the day were enormously motivating. It reminded us that we have the chance to work in a fascinating world every day.” ce/ww

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