Canada intends to launch series production of H55 batteries

23 January 2023 12:51

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Sion/Quebec - Canada and the Province of Quebec has opted in favor of technology developed by H55 and is set to invest around 14 million Swiss francs in the production of its e-batteries. In order for Canada to manufacture hundreds of thousands of these batteries from 2024 onwards, H55 must automate its production process before then.

Canada and the Province of Quebec located on the country’s east coast intend to build a production facility for the e-batteries developed by H55 for aviation. The final investment sum has not yet been determined in full, according to reports from the news platform archyde. However, a sum of around 14 million Swiss francs is under discussion.

The factory is set to be operational in 2024. The plan is for this production facility to manufacture hundreds of thousands of H55 batteries per year. Before then, however, the company from the canton of Valais must be able to automate its production processes, according to the report.

H55 is a technological spin-off from the Swiss e-plane project Solar Impulse. After Bertrand Piccard circumnavigated the globe in a solar airplane and set 14 world records in the process, his partner André Borschberg founded H55. According to the company, the core of the product offering comprises a lightweight, modular and certifiable energy storage and management system. H55 has already built three electric aircraft, which are being further developed during testing at Sion Airport.

En route to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Pierre Fitzgibbon, Quebec Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, paid a visit to H55. According to a LinkedIn post by H55, he gained valuable insights into ​​the company’s engineering offices, research and development laboratory, production processes and flight tests on site.

The visit comes of the back of H55 Canada Ltd being founded in the Greater Montreal Area. This is the first international subsidiary of H55. As H55 writes further in the LinkedIn post, H55 Canada will continue to work closely alongside existing clients, including Harbour Air Seaplanes, CAE and Pratt & Whitney, in the areas of development, production and customer services. mm

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