Left to right: Brad McMullen, Senior Vice President of Sales Boeing - Kim Smith, Vice President and General Manager of the Boeing 747/767 Program - John Dietrich, President & CEO, Atlas Air Worldwide - Michael Steen, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Atlas Air Worldwide - Yngve Ruud, Executive Vice President Air Logistics at Kuehne+Nagel - Omar Molina, Director of Global Transportation, Google Devices and Services. Image credit: Kühne+Nagel

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Kühne+Nagel charters first freighter

23 November 2022 11:02

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Schindellegi - Kühne+Nagel has put into operation its first Boeing 747-8 freighter within the context of a long-term charter agreement. A second will follow. They aim to provide the logistician’s clients with improved access to the growing region of Asia Pacific.

Kühne+Nagel from Schindellegi in the canton of Schwyz has inaugurated its own freighter, a Boeing 747-8, for the first time. It bears the logistician’s name and logo and is called “Inspire.”. Kühne+Nagel is taking it on within the context of a long-term charter agreement with Atlas Air. Kühne+Nagel will also take on another aircraft of this type, which was the last made by Boeing.

According to a press release, it is the “most capable freighter aircraft in the world”. As a global brand leader in air freight, Kühne+Nagel plans to use this to expand its air freight network to the transpacific routes and its network within Asia. This will provide the logistics company’s clients with improved access to the Asia Pacific region with its economic growth.

Member of the Management Board of Kuehne+Nagel. Yngve Ruud, commented: “It is a very special moment for us to see Kuehne+Nagel 747-8F “Inspire.” taking off. Together with the very last 747-8F that we named “Empower.”, the aircraft will support our customers with reliable and flexible solutions globally.”

Kühne+Nagel adds that this freighter “serves an incredibly important role in global air freight”. Its advanced technology ensures a 16-percent reduction in fuel consumption, a 30-percent decrease in noise, and a unique nose-loading capability.

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