Kuny has put a solar power plant into operation. Image provided by Kuny AG

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Kuny puts solar power station into operation

22 November 2022 13:19

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Küttigen - Kuny AG has put a proprietary solar power plant into operation. A total of 1,600 solar panels will produce around 70 percent of the textile ribbon manufacturer’s annual energy requirement. With this solar power, the company will benefit from greater energy security and will cut its CO2 emissions by 210 tons per year.

Kuny AG, the textile ribbons specialist from Küttigen in the canton of Aargau, has recently started generating solar power at a proprietary power plant. According to a press release, the textile company has installed 1,600 solar modules across four roofs. This corresponds to an area of 5,200 square meters overall.

Per year, the solar panels will generate around 640,000 kilowatt hours of energy. This equates to around 70 percent of Kuny’s annual energy requirement and will cut harmful CO2 emissions by 210 tons each year.

Kuny can make use of around 410,000 kilowatt hours of its self-generated electricity, with the rest of the green electricity being fed into the power grid in the form of seasonal overproduction.

“Kuny AG is convinced that its proprietary solar power plant will improve energy security and will allow the company to take another important step in the direction of its energy strategy 2050”, the press release explains.  

Kuny’s energy supply is a key corporate management task. In 2019, the company modernized the entire heating center for the generation of process heat and installed a dual-fuel burner. Switching from heating oil to natural gas helped to cut previous CO2 emissions by 25 percent.

The core competencies of Kuny include the weaving, dyeing, printing and coating of textiles. In addition to the textiles industry, the company’s products are also used in medical products as well as for technical applications. Kuny has subsidiaries in Germany and England, while the company is active with its products outside of European markets too.

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