New 3D program version for developers launched by luucy

13 October 2021 13:08

Supporting partner

Lucerne – Lucerne startup luucy has launched the next generation of its luucy 2.0 platform. This can be used to plan future structural modifications in 3D. The startup’s solution is used by property companies and municipalities.

The startup luucy from Lucerne has launched luucy 2.0. This second generation of its 3D platform is reportedly already being applied by various companies in spatial and property development. Public authorities also use luucy for their strategic planning and in participatory processes with the population.

Such models can furthermore be used to illustrate development planning for the public. The location marketing organisation Limmatstadt AG presented a digital 3D model of the Limmat Valley. This enabled the region and therefore also urban development projects to be experienced virtually.

In its press release, luucy highlighted the various application possibilities of its luucy platform. User information is provided in the weekly webinars. Every Tuesday from 11.30 a.m. to 12 p.m., an introductory webinar provides an insight into the scope of the luucy platform’s functions. Participants receive an activation code that can be used to start a free two-week trial. In a one-hour webinar every Thursday at 11 a.m., the platform is explained and specific questions answered.

The roadmap for Version 2.0 presented on the website of the company states that the platform is constantly being improved on the basis of feedback and the requirements of customers. The user interface of luucy 2.0 has been fully reworked and is now more user friendly. This allows for working environments to be independently managed within an organisation. The luucy marketplace offers a selection of supplementary data and services from third-party providers. This marketplace will be further expanded in future.

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