Maersk chooses Verity drones for warehouse inventory

01 February 2023 10:53

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Zurich/Florham Park - A. P. Møller Maersk is turning to flying drones from Verity to manage inventory counts in its warehouse network. After a six-month trial run at four Maersk North America sites, the plan now is to install drones in all the containership giant’s warehouses that have pallet storage.

Maersk has concluded a contract with the Zurich company Verity. The global leader in container shipping services will deploy electric-powered drones from Verity in all Maersk North America warehouses that have pallet storage. According to an article from logistics magazine DC Velocity, specific details of the deal were not disclosed. The spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich started to develop drones when it was founded in 2014.

The company said the project started six months ago and currently includes drones operating at four sites, according to Maersk spokesman Thomas Boyd. Maersk’s deployment plan for 2023 is to install drones in all its warehouses that have pallet storage. The system requires only one day of operator training.

In its own press release, Maersk North America has Erez Agmoni, its Senior Vice President of Innovation & Strategic Growth, explaining the reasons for the company’s decision: “Verity’s system has delivered data accuracy, safety and speed, which makes our warehouse management system stronger, faster and more effective for customer decision-making.”

Warehouse inventory management is reportedly one of the most important barometers for supply chain flow, financial cost exposure and business decision-making. It is also one of the most difficult, repetitive and tedious tasks to perform consistently in warehouses. Verity’s inventory drones are “a safer, more accurate, data-driven inventory solution”, said Agmoni. mm

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