Mexico seeks innovative agritech solutions

22 December 2022 11:42

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Mexico City - According to a report by Switzerland Global Enterprise, Mexican agriculture, which is characterized by small and medium-sized producers, offers opportunities for Swiss SMEs. Innovative agritech solutions are being sought.

Mexico has recorded an increase in agritech innovations across the entire agriculture and food sector over recent years. According to a report on Mexico’s agritech sector published by Switzerland Global Enterprise, this will continue in the years to come and offers good business opportunities for Swiss companies. Small and medium-sized producers make up a large percentage of Mexican agriculture, despite their small size. This makes them potential agritech users.

The 32-page report presents the opportunities for SMEs from Switzerland. It states that the region presents an ideal scenario for agricultural technical innovations to develop and expand. Mexico has fortified its position as an exporter since the pandemic. Central themes, especially in the dry areas in the north, are the management of land and water. Mexico’s Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development offers help with this on its website. The replacement of glyphosates and other agricultural chemicals is said to be opening up opportunities for the sales and distribution of sustainable alternatives.

According to the report, waste management is an underserved market and there is significant demand for agritech innovations to reduce or eliminate the negative environmental effects of the agricultural sector. Furthermore, insurance services are also said to be increasingly in demand. The growing number of finance options for farmers from state and private institutions provides significant chances to introduce additional services.

Mexico is the eleventh-largest agricultural and fishery producer in the world and the third largest in Latin America. It has concluded 14 free trade agreements with a market of more than 1,327 million users across 50 countries.

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