The new portable anchorpoint can be attached to the HighStep rail to facilitate operations. Image credit: HighStep

Portable anchorpoint from HighStep Systems awarded certification

10 July 2023 11:52

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Dietikon - HighStep Systems has presented a new portable anchorpoint for its climbing protection system. This can be attached to practically any position on the HighStep rail to facilitate rescue operations. The device has now been awarded the requisite certification.

HighStep Systems AG has developed a new portable anchorpoint for its climbing protection system, which, according to the company, can be attached to practically any position on the HighStep rail. Potential application areas include, for example, human rescue missions, personal safety and moving materials securely, further details of which can be found in a press release. The new device has been certified in accordance with EN 795/B and CEN/TS 16415/B.

HighStep Systems is now presenting its new product development to customers. “The portable anchorpoint represents the perfect supplement to our innovative climbing protection system. It is simple to use and can be fixed anywhere on the rail”, comments Alexander Luft, CEO HighStep Systems AG.  

HighStep Systems AG was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Dietikon in the canton of Zurich. The company develops and distributes innovative climbing protection systems as an alternative to conventional climbing methods such as vertical ladders. This means that workplaces at great heights can be reached safely and conveniently, which increases safety and productivity for employees. The system consists of two components: an aluminum rail as a system carrier and a choice between the HighStep Easy and the portable HighStep Lift in terms of a climbing device. As far as areas of application are concerned, there is a focus on electricity pylons, wind turbines, transmission towers and industrial plants. A total of several thousand installations are in operation worldwide - primarily in Europe and in some Asian countries too. Customers include, for example, the Swiss transmissions network operator Swissgrid, the European high-voltage grid operator TenneT and the Chinese energy company State Grid Corporation of China. ce/gba

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