Möckli Beton achieves record CO2 storage in Neustark facility

03 January 2024 13:52

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Eschenz/Berne - Möckli Beton AG, based in the canton of Thurgau, has used Neustark's technology to store a record volume of 200 tons of CO2 in its recycled building materials in less than three months. Möckli uses granulate that has been exposed to CO2 gas and comprises mixed demolition materials to produce its NovoCon concrete.

Möckli Beton AG has achieved record CO2 storage in demolition materials, passing the 200-ton mark in less than three months. According to a press release from Berne-based company Neustark, from where Möckli obtained its storage facility, none of Neustark’s 14 capture and storage facilities have reached this volume in such a short space of time.

When asked how Möckli Beton achieved this record, owner and CEO Chris Möckli points to the special treatment process that his operation uses. “All demolition waste treated at our plant is added to the material box, where the granulate is exposed to CO2 and the mineralization and storage process begins. So we are not surprised by the volume of CO2 savings.”

In the past few years, Möckli Beton has produced 500,000 cubic meters of its NovoCon from concrete and mixed rubble granulate. “By integrating the CO2 storage process, we can now produce NovoCon concrete even more sustainably, using the latest technology.” The CO2-mineralized material also becomes stronger, which means the cement content can be lowered in recycled concrete.

According to Möckli, there is keen interest from customers. “At the end of the day, everyone is happy if there is good value for money without the need to compromise on quality.” ce/mm

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