Muntagnard is also selling marked plots of forest land in Chur as an added extra for buyers of its outdoor jacket. Image provided by Muntagnard

Muntagnard turns customers into Graubünden landowners

20 November 2023 10:21

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Chur - Muntagnard is also selling marked plots of forest land in Chur as an added extra for buyers of its recyclable MIUtec outdoor jacket. With this marketing campaign, the sustainable fashion brand is making Graubünden landowners, and therefore residents, out of its customers.

Anyone who purchases a MIUtec jacket from Muntagnard will also receive a piece of land in Graubünden as part of a marketing campaign that has been running since November 16. However, this is far from a mere marketing gimmick: Together with the community of Chur, “a wonderful area of forest land” was made available for this purpose, as the fashion brand with a focus on the circular economy writes in a press release.

As such, everyone who buys the jacket, which won two awards in recognition of its innovative and sustainable design at ISPO 2022 in Munich, the world’s largest trade fair for the sports industry, automatically becomes a Graubünden resident as well. After all, as Muntagnard asks and answers at the same time: “Who wouldn’t want to be a Graubünden local? Everybody loves the dialect and the humor. That famous Graubünden charm. The Graubünden cleverness”.

Dario Grünenfelder and Dario Pirovino, the two founders of Muntagnard, are keen to stand out on the market with this campaign: However, the aim here is to “stand out with a real promise and a genuine message”. In this way, everyone who purchases this jacket enters into an alliance with Muntagnard to become a landowner in Graubünden, creating “a community of new Graubünden residents” in the process. The campaign was developed by brinkertlück creatives, a “values agency for social communications, sport and eco-social transformation” based in Hamburg and Zurich. ce/mm

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