P.A.W. Hub presents innovation center for Luzern Nord

18 June 2024 09:02

Lucerne Business

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Emmenbrücke - The Neue Arbeits- und Wirtschaftsformen (P.A.W.) project, a platform that focuses on the development of innovative work and business models, is presenting a new initiative for the Luzern Nord district. At this site, the aim is to develop a new economic and communications center of local, national and international significance for the Lucerne region.

P.A.W. Hub AG has presented a new project with the aim of establishing an economic center of local, national and international significance in the development district of Luzern Nord, which the canton of Lucerne plans to transform into a smart city. According to a press release, the aim will be to establish a hub at this site that combines creative business solutions with educational institutions and residential and commercial buildings. The project, which is being supported by Lucerne Business, the business promotion agency for the canton of Lucerne, is set to enter a new implementation phase once the construction plans have been finalized and the requisite construction permits have been secured from the relevant authorities. In the first phase, the work will focus on fields including education and health, while technology centers are also to be established. As the press release states, the project will attract interest from regional, national and international stakeholders. P.A.W. Hub is looking for investors that are keen to share in the success of the initiative to support the further realization of the project’s aims.

“Lucerne Business is emphatically supporting the P.A.W. Hub project because it offers a significant opportunity for economic development in our region”, comments Andreas Zettel, Head of Corporate Development at Lucerne Business, in the press release. “We see great potential in the hub supporting local companies, attracting skilled workers and increasing the attractiveness of the region for further investment”, he concludes.

“We are convinced that the hub will boost the economy in Lucerne and position the region as an attractive location for investment and skilled workers”, adds Sacha Willemsen, the initiator and co-founder of P.A.W. Hub AG. ce/ww

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