Growth at Pistor leads to requirement for larger buildings

27 February 2024 13:57

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Rothenburg - As the first of a series of new construction projects, Pistor, a wholesaler and service provider in the gastronomy sector, has built and opened a new supply warehouse at its headquarters in Rothenburg at a cost of 34 million Swiss francs. The groundbreaking ceremony for a new distribution center in Sennwald in the canton of St.Gallen will take place this year.

Pistor has expanded its “WUZ West” handling center located in Rothenburg in the canton of Lucerne. The investment in a fully automated supply warehouse comes in at 34 million Swiss francs, further details of which can be found in a press release. The building should now offer enough space for 22,000 palettes, an increase of 7,000 on the previous capacity.

According to Pistor, a solar power installation on the roof delivers enough electricity to supply a total of 66 households per annum. “In addition, we have installed a large underground storage system that allows us to heat the area in winter with our own waste heat from the summer and minimize CO2 emissions in the process”, as Richard Betschart, member of the executive management team and Head of Logistics, explains in the press release. Moreover, Pistor is also increasing its fleet of electric trucks, the press release states.

With these expansion measures, the wholesaler and service provider in the gastronomy sector is seeking to respond to increasing demand, as the company writes in the press release. Alongside its core business of supplying bakeries and confectionery companies, Pistor also supplies gastronomic enterprises and healthcare facilities such as hospitals and care homes.

However, bigger plans are still in the works, says Pistor: At its headquarters in Rothenburg, the company is planning new office and warehouse space in addition to goods handling and distribution areas covering an area the size of four football pitches by 2030. The groundbreaking ceremony for a distribution center in Sennwald in the canton of St.Gallen is also set to take place before the end of this year. The aim of this project is to ensure that Eastern Switzerland can be supplied even more effectively. ce/mm

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