Quidgest_Academy offers a new approach thanks to Quidgest's proprietary software generation platform, which enables a wide range of individuals to develop digital solutions by modeling the underlying business. Image provided by Quidgest

Quidgest_ Academy empowering people to develop their digital solution

25 April 2024 09:38

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Lisbon - Portuguese tech company Quidgest launches Quidgest_Academy. Based on its software generation platform Genio, it enables laymen and professional programmers to develop their own digital solutions by modeling the underlying business. Generative AI then builds the entire solution.

As Portugal celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Carnation Revolution that ended the dictatorship, Lisbon-based tech company Quidgest has launched a new revolution: Quidgest_Academy to integrate neural and symbolic generative AI for software development.

Participants in Quidgest_Academy are empowered to use an AI-driven generation platform, Genio, to develop digital solutions for myriad businesses, governments, and other organizations.

“After they model their business, Genio users press a button, and generative AI builds an entire solution without errors in a couple of minutes,” said Quidgest Co-founder and Senior Partner João Paulo Carvalho. 

Quidgest_Academy has partnered with educational institutions to equip students and young professionals with essential highly sought-after digital skills. Quidgest’s network includes the Universidade do Minho, Universidade Lusiada, Instituto Superior Tecnico in Portugal and Waltham Forest College in the UK, Technical University of Moldova, Université de Neuchâtel in Switzerland, and Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Mozambique, among others.

The company claims that its solutions are democratizing the IT market, making software more accessible to laymen and seasoned programmers, and creating a new generation of developers. Quidgest_Academy trainees found that Genio has made them 100 times more productive than traditional coders. ce/jd

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