Ruf Group gains partner in Brazil

23 March 2021 14:06

Supporting partner

Schlieren ZH - The Ruf Group is expanding its international partner network to include a supplier and service provider of railway vehicles in Brazil. SepsaMedha Brasil will take on responsibility for sales and maintenance of products in the Digital Transportation segment of Ruf in Brazil.

The Ruf Group is expanding its international partner network with the addition of SepsaMedha Brasil based in São Paulo, according to a press release issued by IT corporation based in Schlieren in the canton of Zurich. As of now, the Brazilian supplier and service provider of railway vehicles for public transport will take on the mantle of service center and sales partner for Ruf in Brazil and other South American countries, the press release states further. In specific terms, SepsaMedha will be responsible for distributing the passenger information system VisiWeb alongside other products from the Digital Transportation segment at Ruf.

Beyond sales, SepsaMedha will also assume responsibility for a range of services for the Ruf Group on-site. In this regard, the press release cites the installation and configuration of systems and parts, commissioning and testing, repair and maintenance work as well as training for end customers. Moreover, SepsaMedha will be tasked with managing a spare parts warehouse for Ruf products.

The fleets of two public transport operators in São Paulo and the surrounding area are already equipped with the VisiWeb passenger information system from Ruf, the Schlieren-based Group writes in the press release. With a total of 140 vehicles, these are actually “the largest fleets equipped with VisiWeb outside of Europe”, Ruf explains.

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