Amphasys' 20-person team at Technopark Lucerne celebrates the company's tenth anniversary. Image credit: Amphasys

Start-up Amphasys looks back on a decade of innovation in cell analysis

22 November 2022 13:22

Lucerne Business

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Root - The Lucerne-based start-up Amphasys is celebrating its 10th birthday. Based at Technopark Luzern, the company launched its innovative cell analysis technology in 2012. Since then, the technology has been refined and is being further developed for applications beyond the agricultural sector.

Amphasys AG from Root in the canton of Lucerne is celebrating its 10th birthday. The biotechnology start-up entered the market in 2012 with a portable and intuitive technology for analyzing plant cells. Since then, it has continued to improve and patent its microtechnology, further details of which can be found in a press release.

Until now, Amphasys has specialized in the analysis of seeds. For this, the company has developed a portable and intuitive technology that is suitable for ambitious research projects in the laboratory as well as for use outside in fields and in greenhouses. In the meantime, the method has been refined and is now replacing the previously deployed expensive and heavy devices, which also entailed time-consuming sample preparation and measurement processes, at partners around the world.

Amphasys continues to focus specifically on the analysis method in the field of pollen applications for crop production. In addition to use in agricultural settings, there are also plans for the technology for marker-free cell analysis to be used in connection with biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and food production applications.

To this end, the company with its 20 employees is currently in the test phase. Applications such as bacterial analysis, fermentation, cell analysis in bioreactors and cell culture monitoring are being examined.

“We believe that cells are the key to solving many of the problems we currently face. Our task is to promote this technology, further innovative and make the instruments smaller, more accessible and more mobile, so that they can be used anytime, anywhere”, comments Marcel Ottiger, co-founder and CEO of Amphasys, in the press release.

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