St.Gallen provides companies with e-cargo bikes free of charge

28 February 2024 12:44


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St.Gallen - The city of St.Gallen is providing companies and organizations with e-cargo bikes for a one-year trial period. The third round of the Sankt Pedalo scheme will launch in spring 2024, following successful campaigns in 2021 and 2022.

The city of St.Gallen is launching its Sankt Pedalo scheme for a third year. Interested companies, organizations and residential areas will be provided with electric cargo bikes free of charge for a one-year trial period. According to a press release, the scheme will launch in spring with 10 e-cargo bikes. Those interested in participating have until March 8 to apply.

St.Gallen launched a trial of the scheme in April 2021, calling it Sankt Pedalo. Ten St.Gallen-based companies and organizations were given free use of an e-cargo bike for a year. A second trial year was launched in summer 2022, with a further 12 participants.

Feedback from participants showed that the bikes lend themselves well to day-to-day work and can be used to replace journeys by car or delivery truck. The city therefore decided to offer another trial year. As the city’s press release explains, the third trial will start in spring this year and will cover as wide a range of industries and uses as possible.

The selection of e-cargo bikes will be tailored to participants’ requirements and they will bear the logo of the relevant company. Once the trial year is over, the businesses have the opportunity to purchase the bike at a 30 per cent discount. If they no longer need it, they simply return it.

St.Gallen is promoting e-mobility and cycling as part of its Energy Concept 2050. E-cargo bikes are an ideal way of transporting goods and materials. Depending on the model, they can carry a load of up to 150 kilograms. According to the city’s press release, they are efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and contribute to sustainable, innovative urban mobility. ce/gba 

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