SwissCaution to use debt collection software from tilbago

11 June 2024 09:07

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Lucerne/Nyon VD - SwissCaution will from now on be using tilbago’s debt collection software. The rental deposit insurance firm was impressed by the efficiency of the software solution developed by the Lucerne-based tilbago in a proof-of-concept study.

SwissCaution is set to use the debt collection software developed by tilbago. As detailed in a press release, the rental deposit insurer based in Nyon in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland has been impressed by the efficiency and flexibility of the software, which functions on the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As such, SwissCaution commissioned a proof-of-concept (PoC) study with 1,000 insurance cases. The cloud and AI-supported software has the ability to carry out complete case processing in automatic mode, including extensive address research.

“We evaluated the best possible solution and the successful implementation of the PoC totally won us over”, comments Nicole Solenthaler, Head of Claims, Sales and Debt Collection at SwissCaution, in the press release. “The introduction of tilbago AG's intelligent software has created added value ​​for us in a variety of ways - including a first step towards minimizing costs, access to tilbago AG’s creditor network which increases the chances of successfully collecting claims and improving data quality. With the planned connection via the interface, we will also generate efficiency gains by being able to dedicate more time on complex cases and reducing data entry work”, she adds. ce/ww

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