Victorinox puts new distribution center into operation

08 June 2021 10:33

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Seewen SZ - Victorinox has officially launched operations at its new European distribution center in the Greater Zurich Area. Each year, more than 40 million products are to be shipped from here. In total, Victorinox has invested approximately 50 million Swiss francs in the new location.


Over the past few months, Victorinox has been testing its new distribution center located in Seewen in the canton of Schwyz. According to a press release, the new center has now been officially put into operation, which the company describes as an important milestone.

The new center will see the 17 current warehouse locations across Switzerland and Europe centralized. Per year, 115,000 orders or 1.1 million order items will be processed here. This means that more than 40 million products can be shipped from the center, assuming good levels of capacity utilization.

The building is divided into three floors. Among other aspects, the new center houses a small parts warehouse “with four aisles, 29 levels per aisle, 116 shuttles and space for 38,500 containers”, in addition to a semi-automated high rack with a total of 9,500 pallet spaces, the press release explains. A raw materials warehouse is also located in the basement.

Victorinox has invested around 50 million Swiss francs in the Schwyz valley basin region. This expansion represents a “clear commitment to the Schwyz site”. The fact that four of the company’s five product categories – Swiss army knives, cutlery, watches and fragrances – are produced in Switzerland was the main argument in favor of establishing the new distribution center in the country.

Victorinox also informs that the company will improve its sustainability credentials by merging its warehouse locations. For example, there will no longer be any need for multiple transfer journeys at various locations. Moreover, trains can now stop directly in front of the warehouse doors, while a photovoltaic system installed on the roof and charging stations for electric cars will make additional contributions to sustainability.

Victorinox is a family-owned global company headquartered in the canton of Schwyz.

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