WinGD collaborating on the development of a large-scale ammonia engine

31 January 2023 10:28

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Winterthur/Antwerp - Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd (WinGD) is partnering with the Belgian shipping and cleantech group CMB.TECH to develop a two-stroke engine powered by ammonia. In total, ten bulk carriers are to be constructed and equipped at a Chinese shipyard in 2025 and 2026.


WinGD has signed an agreement with the Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB.TECH), based in the Belgian city of Antwerp, for the development of two-stroke engines powered by ammonia. According to a press release, the companies are planning to use this large engine to power ten bulk carriers, each weighing 210,000 tons. Series production of these vessels will take place at a Chinese shipyard in 2025 and 2026. According to WinGD, they are the first of their kind and offer proof that large seagoing vessels can be operated with carbon-free fuels.

CMB will bring its expertise in the area of alternative fuels to the table in its efforts to support the Winterthur-based developer of maritime engine technology. The Belgian company designs, builds, owns and operates large marine and industrial applications that run on hydrogen and ammonia.

Alexander Saverys, CEO of CMB, regards the collaboration with WinGD as a “pioneering partnership on the road to zero emissions in shipping”. According to information from Klaus Heim, CEO of WinGD, this project offers his firm “an opportunity to widen the roll-out of ammonia technology across our portfolio”.

These latest engines in the X-DF portfolio of WinGD will add ammonia capability to the proven technology of WinGD’s X engine. According to the press release, they are based on the X92B engine, “whose market-leading fuel efficiency makes it an ideal starting point for developing large bore ammonia-fuelled engines”. mm

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