Workfashion equips Mini-Migros with typical professional clothing in children's sizes. Image provided by workfashion

Workfashion provides workwear for Mini-Migros stores

17 March 2023 11:19

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Hagendorn - Workfashion is providing typical Migros workwear in kids’ sizes for the 2023 tour of the Mini-Migros store. A total of 250 Mini-Migros shirts have been manufactured for the play shop, which will be set up at 12 different locations across Switzerland this year.

Workfashion is ensuring that kids playing at the Mini-Migros store are dressed in the right uniform. According to a press release, the workwear manufacturer based in Hagendorn in the canton of Zug has produced a smaller version of the familiar uniform worn by Migros employees. At Mini-Migros, children have the opportunity to run their very own pretend Migros branch across an area of around 100 square meters. This year, the Mini-Migros store is set to tour 12 different locations, where it will stay for a period of one to two weeks, one after the other.

To ensure that the Mini-Migros employees are dressed in the right workwear while putting items away or scanning them at the checkout, the press release explains that workfashion has now produced a miniature version of the unmistakable shirts for Migros employees as part of its Fair Wear value chain for textiles. A total of 250 such shirts were made in small sizes. The smallest size on offer is 110, which should fit kids aged 4 to 5.

According to workfashion, the kids are given a wallet filled with a toy version of the Cumulus card and Migros play money at the “customer service” desk. The children can then stack products, navigate the aisles with their shopping trolley or operate the cash register as they please.

Workfashion has been producing workwear for Swiss companies for more than half a century. According to the workfashion website, it sets the highest standards in terms of both quality and sustainability. The company has been working with Fair Wear for years to improve working conditions along the textile value chain.

Fair Wear is an Amsterdam-based foundation that works with clothing brands, textile workers and industry giants to improve working conditions in textile factories. gba

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