Zirkulit concrete soon on offer nationwide

29 April 2021 11:58

Supporting partner

Kloten ZH/Rubigen BE - The recently founded zirkulit AG is starting to sell Switzerland’s first climate-friendly concrete. Eberhard Unternehmungen and Kästli Bau have created a licensing system for this. The CEOs of the two companies are also the owners of zirkulit AG.

The ecological concrete known as Zirkulit will be available right across Switzerland over the next few months. To manufacture and sell this product, Eberhard Unternehmungen from Kloten in the canton of Zurich and Kästli Bau from Rubigen in the canton of Bern entered into a partnership. Together, the two companies have created a licensing system for their innovative construction material and founded zirkulit AG, which is headquartered in Kloten. The two owners are also the first license holders.

According to a press release issued by zirkulit AG, its eponymous product is characterized by “maximum circularity”, a lower carbon footprint and the same static properties as primary concrete. The use of primary resources has been reduced to less than one third. In addition, the carbon footprint has been reduced thanks to CO2 storage technology developed by zirkulit. As the first client, in the fall of last year Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG decided to use Zirkulit in the JED district in Schlieren in the canton of Zurich.

“This material harbors huge potential for the construction industry”, comments CEO of zirkulit AG, Patrick Eberhard, in the press release. It looks set to “make an important contribution to the achievement of ambitious environmental targets that we as a society together have set ourselves”.

Daniel Kästli, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Kästli Bau AG, is likewise convinced that making Zirkulit concrete available nationwide represents “an important milestone on the way to circular and therefore sustainable construction across the whole of Switzerland”. The experience and expertise of both companies will be vital to “Zirkulit concrete becoming established as a pioneering construction material across the whole of Switzerland”, he adds.

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