ABB acquires Canadian sensor manufacturer Real Tech

09 January 2024 10:43

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Zurich/Whitby - The technology group ABB is strengthening its position in the smart water management market by acquiring the Canadian firm Real Tech. The optical sensor technology expert is a market leader in the real-time monitoring and testing of water quality.

ABB has concluded a takeover of the Real Tech, a company based in the Canadian province of Ontario that employs around 40 members of staff. By acquiring the specialist in optical sensor technology for smart water management, ABB is positioning itself “for growth opportunities resulting from the global push for sustainable water management”, as the company writes in a press release.

With more than 10,000 solutions installed in municipal water and wastewater applications across the world, in addition to other industries, Real Tech is a market leader in real-time water quality monitoring and testing, ABB explains. The sensors developed by Real Tech measure the water composition. Using spectrophotometry and fluorescence measurement techniques, tests are moved from the lab to the process environment. Liquid AI, a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform, is used to analyze the collected data.

The acquisition by ABB will accelerate the deployment of Real Tech’s technologies and significantly improve market access, according to Jacques Mulbert, Division President, ABB Measurement & Analytics. “The acquisition is an important part of ABB Measurement & Analytics’ strategy, which includes adding advanced environmental technologies to the portfolio”, he adds.

Based on UN figures, according to which 2.2 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and more than 4.2 billion do not have access to safe sanitation, ABB sees major market opportunities. At the same time, only 11 percent of the wastewater treated worldwide is subsequently reused, with around half of untreated wastewater ending up in rivers, lakes and seas. ce/mm

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