Accelleron joins forces with three Japanese companies

04 June 2024 11:11

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Baden/Tokyo - Accelleron turbochargers are supporting the Japanese shipping industry on its journey to decarbonization. To this end, partnerships with three companies, namely BEMAC, Furuno and MAKITA, have now been agreed.

Turbo Systems United, a Japanese firm based in Tokyo in which Accelleron holds a stake, has recently agreed partnerships with the three companies BEMAC, Furuno and MAKITA focused on the shipping industry, further details of which can be found in a press release by the company from Baden in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland.

BEMAC is a Japanese supplier of a maritime data platform. The company offers comprehensive technical services ranging from ship operations through to cargo, in addition to developing electrical and information systems used on marine vessels. “By combining our standardized infrastructure with Accelleron’s digital solutions, we are confident that we are coming one step closer to achieving our ideal of ‘a ship that never stops’”, as Hideyuki Terada from BEMAC explains in the press release.

Last month, Accelleron also announced a partnership between Turbo Systems United and Furuno. The two companies are working together in order to simplify access to turbochargers and engine optimization solutions, in addition to digital services. Furuno is a supplier of ship radar systems with a market share in excess of 40 percent in the global merchant fleet.

Accelleron’s support for Japanese companies in the shipping industry is not merely limited to digital solutions, as the company’s press release explains further. For example, an agreement was recently reached to supply turbochargers for MAKITA’s first small-bore two-stroke marine engine featuring exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). The MAKITA CORPORATION manufactures marine engines for ships in the 10,000–40,000-ton class and is a globally active builder of small two-stroke engines. The recent agreement with Accelleron will help to improve the efficiency of MAKITA engines. ce/gba 

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