Accelleron and Hyundai offering Engine Part Load Optimization services

12 March 2024 11:06

Baden/Busan - Accelleron from the canton of Aargau and Hyundai are offering Engine Part Load Optimization (EPLO) solutions. A contract has now been signed with the Greek shipping company Neptune Lines to provide these services for four car carriers.

The turbo charger specialist Accelleron Industries AG and HD Hyundai Marine Solution, which is headquartered in the South Korean port city of Busan, have joined forces to provide what are known as Engine Part Load Optimization (EPLO) services, further details of which can be found in a press release. These are of particular interest in connection with efforts to reduce both fuel costs for marine engines and environmentally harmful exhaust gases. The two companies have been working together since October 2023, the press release states. However, Hyundai has now signed a contract with the Greek shipping company Neptune Lines, which is based in the port city of Piraeus, to fit the Accelleron EPLO solution in four car carriers.

In terms of the actual technology, the press release issued by Accelleron explains that most ship engines are built to offer optimal fuel efficiency and performance. According to International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations, more than 60 percent of the world’s ships weighing 400 gross tons and above are obliged to comply with requirements in the area of energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, many shipping companies opt to limit engine performance. Conversely, EPLO is a solution that helps to generate increased combustion efficiency by matching the turbocharger to the new load requirements. As a result, engine efficiency is improved and carbon emissions can be cut.

“With EPLO, Accelleron is assisting the maritime industry to not only boost the competitiveness of their vessels but also to achieve profitable navigation towards their mid-term decarbonization goals”, as Matthias Reichmann, Global Product Manager Upgrades at Accelleron, explains in the press release. ce/gba 

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