Aebi Schmidt expanding product portfolio in the USA

31 July 2023 10:04


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Frauenfeld/Chilton - The Aebi Schmidt Group is expanding in the USA: the manufacturer of special vehicles has agreed a takeover of the Snow Products Business of the Wisconsin-based firm Oshkosh. From now on, vehicles for maintaining the roads during winter months will be manufactured at the Aebi Schmidt subsidiary M-B Companies.

Aebi Schmidt from the canton of Thurgau, a manufacturer of special vehicles for the management of traffic routes, acquired the Snow Products Business of Oshkosh Corporation at the end of July, further details of which can be found in a press release. The corresponding Oshkosh production capacities will be located at M-B Companies, a subsidiary of Aebi Schmidt based in Chilton in the US state of Wisconsin. With this takeover, the Aebi Schmidt Group is seeking to expand its footprint in the area of manufacturing vehicles intended for snow clearing services in North America.

“This will strengthen our business in North America, both in sales, production and in the After Sales business, which we would like to expand further”, as Barend Fruithof, Group CEO of Aebi Schmidt, explains in the press release. From a business perspective, the acquisition makes “a lot of sense”, according to Steffen Schewerda, CEO Aebi Schmidt North America, who adds: “The integration of the acquired business at M-B’s Chilton location will further utilize the new production facility built there in 2021/22”.

The Aebi Schmidt Group is a leading supplier of clean and safe transport infrastructure. The wide-ranging product portfolio comprises innovative attachable and demountable devices for individual vehicle equipment in addition to its own vehicles. ce/ww

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