Algeria issues invitations to trade fair and international thermal tourism forum

20 March 2023 12:35

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Algiers/Bern - Algeria has issued invitations to the international trade fair FIA in June, which will be held at the Palais des Expositions des Pins Maritimes in the capital city of Algiers. For its part, Sétif is set to host an international forum on thermal tourism in April.

Algeria has issued invitations to two international events. Firstly, the Algerian embassy in Bern has announced that the Foire Internationale d'Alger (FIA) trade fair will take place June 19-24, 2023, in the capital city Algiers. Secondly, the Algerian Ministry of Tourism is organizing an International Forum on Thermal Tourism, which is set to take place April 28-29, 2023, in Sétif.

The FIA is an international trade fair held on an annual basis. This year will be the 54th edition of the event. Ever since it was first held in 1964, it has served as a showcase for the Algerian economy. According to the trade fair organizer SAFEX (Société Algérienne des Foires et Exportations), a total of 698 companies from all sectors took part last year, including 187 foreign companies from 21 different countries. In total, 400,000 visitors registered to attend the 53rd instalment of the FIA last year. In 2023, the Palais des Expositions Pins Maritimes in Algiers, which is the largest exhibition center in the country, will again play host to the FIA, with around 50,000 square meters across eight exhibition halls available to exhibitors attending the 54th edition of the FIA. SAFEX is responsible for organizing trade fairs in Algeria as well as Algerian delegations at trade fairs abroad.

The Ministry of Tourism has also issued invitations to an international forum dedicated to thermal tourism. The two-day event begins on Friday, April 28, in Sétif, which is located around 300 kilometers to the east of Algiers and is served by its own local airport.

The seminar aims to highlight Algeria’s strengths in the field of thermal tourism and thalassotherapy, which is the use of seawater as a form of therapy, in order to attract domestic and foreign investors to this sector. “We are open to all investments and to all investors who create jobs and prosperity”, comments Yacine Hammadi, Minister of Tourism and the Craft Industry. According to a nationwide study carried out in 2015, Algeria has 282 usable thermal springs. gba 

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