Alleima boosts its production for electric mobility and luxury industries in Bern

14 November 2023 13:52

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Stockholm/Sonceboz - Stainless steelmaker Alleima scales up its Swiss operations for electric mobility and luxury sectors, moving to a larger facility in Sonceboz in the canton of Bern.

In response to the burgeoning demand for plated components in electric mobility, luxury goods, and medical sectors, Alleima is amplifying its Swiss operations. This expansion will see the manufacturing shift from the smaller Saint-Imier site to a more expansive facility in Sonceboz, both situated in the canton of Bern. The development includes an investment in a novel automated production line, aligning with the growing market needs.

Founded in October 2021 after acquiring Accuratech Group, Alleima and its Kanthal division have specialized in products such as ultra-fine wires and micro-tubes, predominantly serving the medical industry. The Saint-Imier unit, with its expertise in electroplating—a metal coating surface treatment—plays a crucial role in producing components for electric and hybrid vehicle charging. The demand for home charging stations is anticipated to soar, making this expansion timely.

Apart from contributing significantly to electric mobility, Alleima also supplies to the luxury industry, with its products featuring in numerous high-end brands. The expansion to a 4,000 square meter facility in Sonceboz from the existing 500 square meter in Saint-Imier marks a significant stride in the company’s capacity to cater to these sectors. This move is expected to increase the workforce by around 10 people over the next two years, cementing Alleima’s position as a key regional player in surface treatment.

Gary Davies, President of the Business Unit Medical at Kanthal division, expresses enthusiasm about the expansion, emphasizing the opportunity to address immediate market demands while laying a foundation for future growth in other profitable segments. Gustav Henriksson, Operations Manager EMEA within the Business Unit Medical at Kanthal, has highlighted the benefits of the new space, allowing for an optimal setup and future expansions.

The investment in a fully automated plating line will enhance surface treatment capabilities for electric vehicles and charging connectors, aligning with sustainability and efficiency goals. The gradual transfer of operations from Saint-Imier is scheduled throughout 2024, aiming for completion by the year’s end. Headquartered in Sandviken, Sweden, Alleima is a global leader in advanced stainless steels, special alloys, and industrial heating solutions, catering to demanding applications across various industries. With revenues of SEK 18.4 billion in 2022 and a presence in approximately 90 countries, Alleima’s integrated value chain ensures industry-leading technology and sustainability. ggba


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