Autoneum optimizing acoustics with recycled Propylat

08 December 2023 10:11

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Winterthur - Autoneum improves the acoustic and environmental performance of vehicles by using new components made from Propylat. The material, which comprises recycled synthetic and natural fibers, was developed by Borgers Automotive, a company that was acquired by Autoneum in April 2023.

Autoneum, an automotive supplier that specializes in acoustic and heat management based in Winterthur, is offering another lightweight, fiber-based and versatile technology in the form of Propylat. This was originally developed by the company Borgers Automotive, which was acquired by Autoneum in April. According to a press release, this technology comprises a flexible material composition of recycled natural and synthetic fibers such as cotton, jute, flax and hemp, for example.

These are consolidated using thermoplastic binding fibers without the addition of other chemical binding agents. Depending on the composition and the variable density and thickness of the porous material, its properties can be adapted to individual customer needs. It is used in various interior and exterior components such as wheelhouse outer liners, trunk trim, underbody systems and carpets.

According to the information, these Propylat components are sustainable due to their low weight, which serves to cut fuel and energy consumption and therefore CO2 emissions as well. Furthermore, the material contains recycled fibers, can be produced in a zero-waste manner and the Propylat PET variant is completely recyclable because it consists of 100 percent PET. Up to 70 percent of these are recycled fibers. Propylat PET was selected for the Autoneum Pure sustainability label and will, in future, replace the mono-liner technology used to date.

According to Autoneum, Propylat components allow automotive manufacturers to respond to rising legal requirements and demands on vehicle performance in terms of sustainability and acoustics. The material is offered by the company on the European, North American and Chinese markets. ce/mm

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