Lucerne is Switzerland’s most popular city

15 February 2024 12:19

Lucerne Business

Zurich - Lucerne is the Swiss population’s favourite city. It is followed by Bern and Zurich in second and third place, although Lucerne slips to third behind Bern and Zurich among young Swiss people.

In Brand Indicator Switzerland 2024, the agencies behind the Brand Study – bodin.consultingfurrerhugiconverto and deeptrue – have for the first time surveyed the most popular cities among the Swiss population, as well as the most popular brands. In the representative population survey, Lucerne took the top spot, announced Brand Indicator Switzerland in a statement. The cities of Bern and Zurich followed in second and third place. The top eight most popular Swiss cities are rounded off by Lausanne, Basel, Geneva, St.Gallen and Winterthur.

However, the picture is slightly different when it comes to responses from 16- to 29-year-olds in Switzerland. Among young Swiss people, Bern takes the top spot ahead of Zurich and Lucerne. Lausanne and Winterthur come in fourth and eighth place, the same as in the overall population. Basel, on the other hand, is relegated to seventh place, while Geneva and St.Gallen move up one place to fifth and sixth respectively. ce/hs

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